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The Importance of Ecosystem Management and Protection.

Recent growth in scientific knowledge has helped humanity comprehend the complex relationships in ecosystems and the devastating effects of human interference. As a result we have become increasingly aware of the need to protect and manage the ecosystems that we do have remaining for their utility, genetic, intrinsic and heritage values and also for the need to allow natural change and thus evolution to take place. Natural ecosystems have provided much that has been of benefit to humanity and with careful protection it can last for many more generations. Management strategies involving sustainable development, total preservation and the educating of the populace are becoming progressively more important in todays society and for the†¦show more content†¦As seen in numerous examples where wild varieties of species have been crossbred with cultivated varieties to obtain disease resistant or high crop yielding new varieties, without the genetic diversity available, none of it w ould be possible. In 1860s the European vineyards were completely destroyed by phylloxera but later grafting with an American species led to a variety resistant to the disease. Also Indian rice was discovered to be resistant to two viruses and after implementation, led to an improved yield on 30million hectares in Asia. A single gene from a barley growing in Ethiopia protects the entire Californian barley crop worth $US 150million/yr from the yellow dwarf disease. It can be seen that there are linked crossovers between reasons for management and the usefulness of ecosystems. Wild strains of species, many as of yet undiscovered, have desirable properties, such as disease resistance and increased crop yield, which tend to be lost in successive generations with selective breeding under artificial conditions. Natural ecosystems should be maintained so as new genes can be added from the wild populations to keep crops resistant to diseases which continue to develop new strains. The ecosystems also may yield new species of plants and animals suitable for use in cultivation and grazing. Examples include red deer, the loblolly pine and kiwi fruit that have recently been added to agriculture and forestry economic lists. The merino sheep variety isShow MoreRelatedEvaluate the Importance of Ecosystem Management and Protection1135 Words   |  5 PagesEvaluate the importance of ecosystem management and protection An ecosystem is defined as a group of organisms and their biophysical environment interact and exchange matter and energy, collectively, they form an ecological system. By identifying the characteristic patters of interaction it is possible to distinguish different types of ecosystem. Many forms and features have been accountable for the destruction of different ecosystems. This has been achieved within the atmosphere-varies in temperatureRead MoreThe Trans Pacific Partnership ( Tpp )1349 Words   |  6 Pagesmainly reduced taxes and tariffs, are expected to promote economic growth, support the creation and retention of jobs, enhance innovation, productivity and competitiveness, raise living standards, reduce poverty, and enhance labor and environmental protections (Vincent 2014). This review thoroughly examines current environmental policy, and outlays implications for policy-specific regulations included within the TPP to enhance the environmental conservation of habitat for marin e mammals. A well-knownRead MoreThe Importance of Endangered Species in Our World1649 Words   |  7 PagesThe Importance of Endangered species in our world Importance of Endangered Species in our world INTRODUCTION The term endangered is used by international and national organizations to define plants and animals currently in danger of becoming extinct. Although the term endangered is universally used, the definition of an endangered species is greatly varied. In most cases, the factors causing an organism to become endangered are human- related. ABSTRACT Geographic distributionRead MoreTaking a Look at Ecosystem Services994 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Ecosystems are dynamic and involve the interaction of living organisms with the components of the environment as a functional unit, by depending on the ecosystem services. These services are critically important in supporting the well-being of many organisms especially humans. The services include regulating services (e.g. climate regulation – carbon sequestration), provisioning services (e.g. food, wood for fuel), cultural services (e.g. ecotourism) and supporting services (e.g. nutrientRead MoreWater Resource Management ( Wrm )1604 Words   |  7 Pagesforms of life, from microorganisms to humans to ecosystems alike. Water is a key factor in driving economic and social development within countries, impacting agriculture, energy, sanitation and health, gender equality etc (World Bank, 2014). For these reasons humans have invested an abundant amount of time, labor, and money into perfecting water infrastructures in an effort to provide water services for populations worldwide . Water resource management (WRM) goal is to manage and allocate water resourcesRead MoreA Guide For Fire Regimes And Management Practices1737 Words   |  7 Pagespart of most temperate forest ecosystems, and has a large influence on the productivity and biotic composition of the ecosystem. Prescribed fire has long been used as a tool for forest management throughout Australia, and elsewhere around the world, to maintain or restore species and habitat, to enhance post-logging recovery, and to reduce fuel loads and associated wildfire hazards (Bennett et al. 2013; Spies et al. 2012). While fire is commonly used for management purposes, the level of influenceRead MoreSustaining Himalayas1694 Words   |  7 Pages. sustaining himalayas The Himalayan ecosystem is fragile and diverse. It includes over 51 million people who practice hill agriculture and remains vulnerable The Himalayan ecosystem is vital to the ecological security of the Indian landmass, through providing forest cover, feeding perennial rivers that are the source of drinking water, irrigation, and hydropower, conserving biodiversity, providing a rich base for high value agriculture, and spectacular landscapes for sustainable tourism. The HimalayanRead MoreWhat Are Blue Carbon Ecosystems?1646 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract Blue carbon ecosystems have unique characteristics that allow them to be incredibly efficient, natural carbon sinks. Coastal ecosystems tend to be underrated, but are slowly beginning to be recognised for their ability to sequester and store carbon at far greater efficiencies in comparison to terrestrial forests. A combination of natural and human processes over time has led to the deterioration of coastal ecosystems, risking the sustainable provisioning of environmental services that isRead MoreMLPA Essay1006 Words   |  5 PagesThe Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), state legislation passed in 1999, that directs the state to redesign its system of MPAs to increase cohesion and effectiveness of the network, improve ecosystem protection in state waters, and improve recreational, educational and study opportunities provided by marine ecosystems subject to minimal human disturbance (Gleason et al. 2010) The MLPA was response to public pressure for more ocean protection. Protecting of natural marine ecosystem services requiresRead MoreIntroduction Knowledge has always been transferred from older generation to younger generations700 Words   |  3 Pagesfishers to mention a few, have developed knowledge specific to their field of operation. There have been sources laying down the importance of the traditional knowledge, as pre-scientific traditional systems of management have been the main means by which the traditional societies have managed natural resources for millennia . Thus biodiversity conservation holds primary importance for sustainable use of the natural resources especially at a time which when the common resources which should be judiciously

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Analysis Of And The War Was In Its Infancy Then By Maurice...

Poets frequently utilize vivid images to further depict the overall meaning of their works. The imagery in â€Å" the War Was in Its Infancy Then,† by Maurice Emerson Decaul, conveys mental images in the reader’s mind that shows the physical damage of war with the addition of the emotional effect it has on a person. The reader can conclude the speaker is a soldier because the poem is written from a soldier’s point of view, someone who had to have been a first hand witness. The poem is about a man who is emotionally damaged due to war and has had to learn to cope with his surroundings. By use of imagery the reader gets a deeper sense of how the man felt during the war. Through the use of imagery, tone, and deeper meaning, Decaul shows us the†¦show more content†¦Near the end of the poem, Decaul makes a dejected image as he speaks of â€Å"life† being similar to â€Å"dew† and the â€Å"disappearing dew† (26,27,28). By saying this, Dec aul shows us how fast a life comes and ends. The many different unfortunate and unhappy images the soldier witnesses, help the reader to connect and understand the overall meaning of what life is like during the war. It displays how the soldier would describe his life. By relating life to dew, the reader sees how melancholic a person can potentially become due to war. These images guide the reader to connect with the author and detect the unhappy emotions specified in the poem. By analyzing the deeper level meaning in the images presented, the reader’s sympathy increases. Primarily, Decaul uses the beginning of his poem to grasp the reader’s attention by explaining the tragic activity occurring on his birthday. In doing this he uses traumatic imagery, such as â€Å"black smoke rising† and â€Å"artillery strikes† to further describe the scenery upon his â€Å"birthday.† These meaningful descriptive images bring the reader in creating a connection b etween us and the inner feelings of the soldier. The idea of providing mental images, supports the distressing activities encountered on the soldier’s birthday. Even though the poem does not bluntly tell us Decaul is frightened at the setting, words, such as â€Å"tapping† and â€Å"reminds†, inform us of how he has taught himself to stay â€Å"safe.† Decaul has to

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The Birthday Boys by Beryl Bainbridge Free Essays

Through the ‘Birthday Boys’ Beryl Bainbridge has written the accounts of five very different men and their heroic fight to achieve indissoluble greatness. Fascinatingly this straightforward expedition reveals some of the most complex revelations about Edwardian society and its misplaced British class system. Even more interesting is the morals and opinions of the five men and how their desire, whatever it was, drove them to their deaths. We will write a custom essay sample on The Birthday Boys by Beryl Bainbridge or any similar topic only for you Order Now We see how Captain Scott, possibly one of the most well-known British heroes, miscalculated time and time again, and learn through the other narrations how he begins to lose the initial trust of his men. Heroism and the values surrounding it were somewhat different then to what they are now. Heroism was far more special and idiosyncratic as the final narrative of captain Oates reveals to us. When reading the book it never feels like a team effort. It is one where the reader follows each individual and their plight for what they wish to achieve. I think the heroism present in the ‘Birthday Boys’ is so idiosyncratic because there does not appear to be a common goal. With the exception of Dr. Wilson, these men were not going to the South Pole for Scientific Research, they were there for the glory, and they were there for the chance to be a hero. This drove them on. Temperatures in the Antarctic reached below -60iC, which was more than most of them had ever dreamt of suffering. It took more than just physical strength to survive those conditions; it was their mental strength, courage and belief. Each man had different ideas of what this heroic status would mean. Taff Evans explains how when he returns from the pole he will be in a position to quit being a sailor and ‘buy a little pub in Cardigan bay’. He saw this simple, honest ambition as being an ample reward for becoming a hero. Scott of the Antarctic’, perhaps one of the most controversial of British Heroes, is very carefully examined by Beryl Bainbridge. Those readers who thought he was an unlucky explorer, caught out by nature but a great leader, are refuted. Those who thought that he was an inhumane, terrible leader are shown his good points. Bainbridge manages to bring a certain realism to the portrayal of a hero whom many have formed strong opinions with very little foundation. He is a very determined and positive leader yet when setting out to an unexplored continent he needs a lot more than determination and a will to succeed. It is easy to feel that Scott has overlooked this. He lacks carefully planned routes and he never has a backup plan when the least he should have is a backup plan for the backup plan! His optimism, in my opinion, is his greatest downfall. He opens his narrative: Having to sail on past Cape Crozier came as a frightful blow. I’d banked on establishing our winter quarters there, but it proved impossible to land owing to the swell. These two sentences sum up Scott’s inadequacies. Firstly, we see there’s no direct self-blame. He affirms this constantly through his narrative – when it is obviously his fault no-one holds responsibility, and when it is not clear who is to blame he would use names: I blamed Gran, Oates, Meares – especially Meares. Secondly, he doesn’t particularly worry about the fact that they will have to locate a new Winter Camp. It was merely a frightful blow, that’s all. He does not dwell on it, in fact by the next paragraph he is already talking about their new location. Finally, perhaps the most unforgivable examples of Scots’ lack of preparation was that they were unable to moor at Cape Crozier was because the sea had waves on it! Scots idiocy was one of the main reasons for the fate of the Polar Party. For two years he had been setting up supply camps for their return journey to cater for four people, and then decided that five could go along. One would hope a child would not make that sort of mistake let alone an experienced explorer. Despite this no one made any objections. There was a clear hierarchy amongst these men. This hierarchy meant that few decisions were questioned and inevitably when people disagree with a decision, like dropping the skis due to a change of terrain, they lose confidence in their leader and morale drops. The Birthday Boys’ by Beryl Bainbridge is a carefully written analysis of the Edwardian society, picking up on their naivety, their disjointed class system and their wish to gain respect through becoming a hero. The book is called the birthday boys because the author has captured the child-like qualities of the 1910 expedition so perfectly. It is clear that the death of these men was not needed – yet, by dying, they did achieve the indissoluble greatness they desired and one can only feel that this temptation may itself have contributed to their fate. How to cite The Birthday Boys by Beryl Bainbridge, Papers

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Utopia or dystopia free essay sample

â€Å"The Giver† by Lois Lowry is like any other novel and to every novel there are two ideas and concepts that you may apply to the novel; the one each person thinks of is determined by the different clarification and interpretation the book. In analysis of the building of Jonas’s community, some may debate that the community is a utopia or a dystopia. Some may claim of it being a utopia based on the way that they want their world to be and that is different based on each ones opinion of a utopia, while others may argue of it in being a dystopia and claiming that it is not fit for living, maybe someone has a good point there. There are different things in the normal community than in Jonas’s community some may be good and some may be bad. The Givers community is particularly different than our own community; again everyone has their own definition of the word normal in this world. We will write a custom essay sample on Utopia or dystopia or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Jonas’s community may differ from many communities based on a few points, one of these points is that they are always under surveillance and no one is ever alone and you can never do anything without the people knowing; of course the Givers room is an exception. Like when Jonas said that he was starving and they heard him over the microphones. They have all their lives planned out since the moment they are born; even the facts that they don’t even go to live with their birthparents, they even have a ceremony that they get to receive things in and where they claim their jobs. Then all throughout the years they can never do anything that is against the rules and they would get punished if they do, the punishment isn’t even decided by the parents its decided by the even use of excessive language and over exaggerated language is not allowed, once again just like what happened with Jonas in the cafeteria when he stated that he was hungry. Once they have grown old, like elderly not just adults, they get a treatment like the kings and queens; the job that his friend had there, Lowry tried to show how much relaxation that they have by writing a part stating that they were giving a shower to the elderly. The way that his community is described throughout the book may perhaps create a controversy on whether or not its a utopia. People have numerous ideas of what a perfect world is made up of; a handful of these may fit in with Jonas’s community making it a utopia. What is a utopia made up of? Well no one can actually tell you; each person has their own philosophies. You will never have everyone on the same page, perhaps the fact that everything provided there makes it a utopia. People get food, drinks, clothes and everything else they need, Lowry even got a part where it was said that they receive all meals all the time and that they are never hungry nor thirsty, What more would a person want? They get to go to school and they get jobs and they even train them to make them ready and perfect for their jobs, these jobs are all assigned to them at the ceremony of twelves and then they even get their own teacher, not like a real teacher but like a mentor. Once they get older they are treated miraculously and like royalty and get everything they need until it’s their time to go, they even get volunteers to give them showers and help them all the time at whatever time they need. But perchance this idea is wrong; maybe the community isn’t just fit to be a utopia and is a dystopia. On the contrary to what was claimed beforehand Jonas’s community might as well be a dystopia. There are numerous concepts that make the community a dystopia. One of the things is that they are always under observation, which is why Jonas could not even talk to himself about his training at his own room, they can never have a moment of peace and they are never able to actually talk about certain things since its not appropriate for them; but what is inappropriate? They claim that some things might be inappropriate but maybe they are just over doing it. They are always trying to be in total control of everyone and there is always surveillance everywhere. As it was mentioned before everyone’s life is planned out from the moment they are born. They dont get an opinion in almost anything. Not even their jobs, they just put each person into the job that they think is right for them and not the job that they actually want, in the ceremony of the twelves this is all decided then. They took away all the color so that everyone is the same and no one has something better than the others even though they may deserve it, that’s why Jonas felt that something was wrong with the apple when he suddenly saw it turning red (he started seeing the color for the first time) when it was in midair. The debate on whether or not Jonas’s community is a utopia or a dystopia can run forever, each person has their own idea of normal. This novel was strongly filled with different ideas and each person can dismantle them and label the community as a utopia or a dystopia. Each person is different so the ideas will be different and also that there are people who would dismantle the story and the ideas differently. The two main ideas are whether or not its a utopia or a dystopia. Each of these different opinions is stated all throughout.

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Steroids Essays - Anabolic Steroids, Testosterone, Steroid Hormone

Steroids Drugs have been used in sports almost as long as sports themselves have been around. The ancient Incas discovered that the ashes from burned leaves of the Coca tree gave the people great stores of energy, and made sleep unnecessary for hours or even days, it was later discovered to be the stimulant cocaine. They would take it before long hunts, battles, and even found it useful in ancient sport competitions. It wasn't until 1886 that the first drug-related death in sports occurred. A bicyclist took a mixture of cocaine and heroine, called the "speedball," and died from it. Little were the doctors aware the epidemic that would follow in the next century. Anabolic steroids, developed in the 1930's in Europe, are drugs that help to build new body tissue quickly, but with drastic side effects. Anabolic means the ability to promote body growth and repair body tissue. It comes from the Greek word anabolikos meaning "constructive." Steroids are basically made up of hormones. One woman train ing to make the 1984 US women's basketball team used them, her muscles started to bulge, her voice grew deeper, and she even had the beginnings of a mustache. These are all the usual symptoms of anabolic steroids. Steroids were not always used for sports, they started out the same way most drugs did, medicinal purposes. Victims of starvation and severe injury profited from it's ability to build new tissue quickly. They also helped prevent muscle tissue from withering in patients who had just had surgery. Steroids are used to treat Addison's disease. Anabolic steroids are drugs that come from hormones or from combinations of chemicals that achieve the same result as hormones. Hormones may be given to an individual in their natural state, or in a synthetic one. The synthetic state is sometimes more potent than the natural one. Testosterone and progesterone are hormones used in steroids, another kind comes from the adrenal glands, which secrete various necessary bodily chemicals. The s teroids themselves can be taken orally, as tablets or powders, and can also be liquids that are injected into the muscles. The steroids taken by athletes contain testosterone or chemicals that act in similar way to testosterone. Testosterone is found in men and women, but in women it is present in much smaller amounts, mainly because it is produced in the testicles in men. More than one hundred and twenty steroids are based on the hormone testosterone. There are many brand names, such as Durabolin, Winstrol, Pregnyl, and Anavar. Basically anabolic steroids control the bodily functions that are normally under control of the bodies natural testosterone. As well as turning women into men and men into manly men it has a stimulate effect on skeletal muscle mass, some visceral organs, the hemoglobin concentration, and the red blood cell number and mass. Of course, most people take anabolic steroids illegally to stimulate growth in muscle cells. Once a person is born, he/she will not grow anymore muscle cells throughout their life. So when muscle mass increases it is the individual cells growing in girth to compensate for either an increase in work, or the release of androgen hormones(found in all anabolic steroids.) Exercise alone can stimulate the girth of muscle cells to increase by anywhere from thirty to sixty percent. The presence of androgen hormones allows for even greater growth. Anabolic steroids act like our natural androgen hormones in that they stimulate anabolic metabolism in the muscles. Anabolic metabolism involves the buildup of larger molecules from smaller ones and includes all the constructive processes used to manufacture the substances needed for cellular growth and repair. As a result of steroids stimulating anabolic metabolism, muscles increase in size to a substantially greater size than they would have been if the individual only exercised. Doctors take different views on prescribing steroids. Most dislike the use of them in sports, and some will not prescribe them at all for use in sports. They see them as dangerous for healthy individuals, and the taking of drugs to get a winning edge they see as cheating. Others don't like steroids, but will prescribe them, knowing their patient, if not given them by their doctor, will get them from somewhere

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Walter Cannon essays

Walter Cannon essays Born in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, on October 19, 1871, a child by the name of Walter Bradford Cannon would emerge into a world unlike the one he was to create. Caught up in the battle between traditionalists and Darwinists over the perceived conflict that was religion and science as a youngster, he would come to challenge the ideals of the Calvinist church. During his teen years, Cannon would break away from his family religion in search of his own answers within his independent judgment. Distinguishing himself academically within high school, Cannon was prepared to attend Harvard College in 1892. Four years after his initial enrollment to Harvard, he was accepted to Harvard Medical School by 1896. During his time in H.M.S., Cannon began his contributions to science as he investigated swallowing and stomach mobility with the use of x-rays. His research was published in the first American Journal of Physiology in 1898. By 1900 Walter had attained his medical degree. After graduation, Cannon joined the American Physiological Society and became the instructor in the Department of Physiology at Harvard Medical School. Soon after in 1902, he became an assistant professor of physiology and four years later would succeed Bowditch as the Professor of Physiology, becoming the chair of the department of which he would hold until 1942. In 1914, Cannon would serve as president of the American Physiological Society for two years and focused his studies on traumatic shock, writing Bodily Changes in Pain, Hunger, Fear, and Rage in 1915. Advancing to 1923, Cannon's Traumatic Shock postulated the causes of traumatic shock In the process of his research, he documented findings on the sympathetic nervous system as well as neurochemical transmission of nerve impulses. Cannon also discovered the adrenaline-like hormone sympathin and clarified the pathways of emotional responses which proved error to the James-Lange theory. ...

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The Europe history after 1st world war Research Paper

The Europe history after 1st world war - Research Paper Example During the 20th century there was sporadic social, cultural and economic change in Europe due to the industrial revolution that started in Britain during the 18th century and later spread to the whole world.The 2 world wars and a great economic depression controlled most of the first quarter of the 20th century2. The First World War was fought for 4 years, from the year 1914 to 1918. The war was fought between the entente powers that included the Belgium, France, Russia, Britain, Greece, Italy, Romania, and the United States of America against the Central powers which comprised of countries such as Germany, the Ottoman Empire, Austria, and Hungary3. The war claimed the lives of over 15 million civilians and military men. It is estimated that over 59 million military men were called to service during the war. Later on the great revolution in Russia destroyed the Transits Monarchy and replaced it with the Soviet Union. Additionally, the Ottoman Empire broke up forming separate nations and most of these nations had their boundaries re-drawn4. A treaty was written, known as the Treaty of Versailles. It marked the end of World War 1, but was harsh on the Germans, blaming them for the full responsibility of the war, hence imposed heavy sanctions on the country. High depts. Incurred in the First World War and loans given Germany caused great economic instability and havoc within Europe between the years 1920 to 1930. In the Soviet Union, people were dying of famine that had partly been contributed by Stalin’s regime. At the end of the 1st World War, the German economy suffered and this is because of the harsh conditions that were placed on it, by the treaty of Versailles, whose intention was to end the First World War. Hitler got into power in the year 1933, and begun his great campaign of building a great Germany. In the year 1929, the crash of Wall Street brought about the great depression that was experienced worldwide. Aided by elements such as